Thursday, October 22, 2009


I know I do not really write anything personal in this blog. It is personal, but not emotionally so.

Here it goes. I decided to stop running for the Tribe this past week. Since then my life has gotten harder. I bring it upon myself, but I cannot seem to get away from myself. My time is my own now. First time ever. I have no time management skills. I want to do everything and nothing all at once. Even though nothing is an obligation anymore (okay- not true), I feel the need to fill my time with anything except my real work. Also, I keep volunteering for stuff to fill my time. I got to see Brandon today. That was great. Doing my work for class rushed was not great. Tomorrow is a day to get my new life in order and make priorities.

A note on coincidence. Not really coincidence I feel. Thank you Morgan, Sewell, Colin, Charlie, and Gibby.

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