Sunday, October 11, 2009


I have written about some things that matter a lot to me in some way or another, but I just noticed I really have not written about Chemistry. Chemistry is not some subject you learn in high school or college, it is a set of principles and theories that keep your daily lives worth while. I sometimes think about when people say things like, "Without English you could not communicate." or "Without Physics the Earth would not exist." Those are horrible reasons to learn a subject. People existed before language, before Issac Newton, and certainly before alchemy. These people lived abundantly, communicated prolifically, and learned necessarily. Then the question becomes, "Why learn Chemistry?" My answer is and forever will be, "Chemistry defines the nature of the world you live in. It is as the most fundamental aspect of your life." Do not learn chemistry in a vacuum. Learn it with Physics and Biology. Learn it with Philosophy and Government. Learn it with History and English. Learn it with Math and Economics. The principles you discover in Chemistry may not answer all of your questions, but they will give you insight into your dilemma to find the answer. Learn Chemistry to have control (mentally and physically) over your life.

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