Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yesterday we had to write about two very compelling subjects in Content Area Reading and Writing. The first was what we valued most. My sentence at the end was simple, but I have been thinking about it since class. It was: “If I were to have nothing else in this world, I will always have my faith and as long as they are alive my family.” We were only allowed to pick two things and I thought out of what is important to me these are the two things I want to be top. I know I may not do the best at making the priorities in my life feel like it, but at least I believe it deep down. The second subject we wrote on was our favorite place. Of course I chose Robertson’s Pond. The picture is of my childhood wonderland where Grandpa Ed and I would hunt frogs and catch catfish and learn how to be pondologists. Although the pond has long since dried up, I still run by while I’m in Maryville and cherish the memories. Without Mr. Robertson and his pond, I would never have enjoyed science or Chemistry or pie baking (okay maybe Grandma Mary had something to do with that, but she loved the pond too).

I hope my family, both actually and figuratively, continues to grow. I pray that everyone can find their own Robertson’s Pond.

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