Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I know I have not blogged in a long time and when I have blogged it has been incoherent at best. I guess I'm in that groove right now. Hopefully this post will be the start of consistency again.

I have been thinking recently about my age and how people my age act in the real world. As people come in and out of my house it is readily apparent that I am no longer a college student. I used to really enjoy hearing and telling about crazy things that my classmates do this time of year. Now it is the exact opposite. I am afraid someone is going to get really hurt or in real trouble for acting stupid. My most enjoyable moments over the past few weeks have been times I spent with my fellow graduate students. Going to visit Heritage High school was a blast last week and even going to the Leafe last night for a couple hours was well worth it. I didn't partake in the fun my elementary counterparts were having, but I did enjoy talking and laughing with them. (I still have a few more days of hard work ahead of me to finish the semester- Ugh.) It surprises me how young the undergrads look, even the seniors. Could I have switched my entire social group to that "young adult" age bracket? Is it because I am so close to teaching 16 to 18 year-olds? Either way, the people I have made relationships with this semester are the type of people I see myself associating with for a long time to come.

I posted a while back about this same topic. Looking back at that post makes me think that I was ready for a mentality change. That changed did not come until just recently.

A song lyric to close the post:
Growing Old is Getting Old
Silversun Pickups

Monday, December 7, 2009


There are times in your life when you have to make the decision to get angry or just relax. I have had to make that choice over and over again this weekend. It started small with the blue showing up at my home and slowly progressed to destruction of property and early morning bed times. I will not get into too many of the stories, but these few made me laugh after taking a breath.

First, there was almost a brawl at my home on Saturday. There was an argument between two unnamed teams resulting in emotions in physical form. That passed. Out of nowhere, two gentlemen had another unrelated argument. This resulted in a headbutt and tons of blood in my bathroom. How great is that? A headbutt! Who headbutts?

Second, someone stole my W&M flag and it may have been a dude known as "the known thief". Not a good nickname to have. The flag is basically a way of supporting our school in the town. That is exactly what happened. The flag apparently got paraded around town and even waved around in Wawa. I'm glad "the known thief" had such a good time. Also, I hope to thank them for their Tribe enthusiasm and get my flag back.

Third, on another early morning I pull into my driveway after dropping a load of overindulged friends off only to find a group of eight pile into my tiny Honda Civic. As they snuggle up they tell me that there are "like 9 Columbians storming your house." Upon my return to the house I find 6 very friendly Columbian college students who are very articulate and just grateful to have a place to hang out. It turns out that they are here as part of the worst program that has them working at fast food joints to practice their English. I hope they return, but maybe this time they will come at a reasonable hour when we can show them better Tribe hospitality.

Although my life has been interrupted by several inconveniences and I don't see it stopping until break, I have to just laugh at the humor in everything that seems to happen. One day when my children are in college they will appreciate my stories and may even get to know some great people that shared these experiences with me.