Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have been in a discussion with Tyson lately about whether or not debeaking hurts chicks. I heard that it does not hurt the birds and it actually helps them to be less aggressive. Tyson shrugged off this explanation and was certain it caused great pain to the chicken. I did not disagree, but I did want some proof for one of the positions. I am glad to say that I have some closure on this issue. It turns out that it does hurt the chicken and the reason is not even good. Chicken that lay eggs are packed into cages with several other chicken and that is why they are aggressive. In fact some alternatives to the debeaking are giving the chicken more room or feeding them some grubs. These seem like solutions that make thee treatment of chicken more humane. The video below shows the debeaking process and I encourage you to check it out and see if cutting off nerves like that would hurt you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Listening to John Pence and David Adley on the radio has made me think about the state of radio right now. Radio is so unoriginal right now. I get so frustrated with the music selection that I find myself searching from station to station for 10 minutes at a time on a long drive. Usually I just listen to my iPod in the car and Pandora at home. I'm not even a big music person. I like anything as long as it is not the same crud over and over again. I hope local stations, or at least national online radio, can have a resurgence in the next few years before we loose all the talent in this country.

Part of me wonders about my upbringing with music and how that has influenced my taste. I listened to country and The Fox until I was in middle school (I miss the local touches like Block Party or Live Music Weekend). After that I started to listen to my own music some. The first time I heard rap was in my garage on a bike trainer. My classmate "shared" a "copy" of Jay-Z's Blueprint with me. My parents will probably be a little shock to hear about that (or maybe not). By that time I was in 9th grade and probably too old to make my own music decisions. I believe that any music I like has been shaped completely by my parents. But do not worry... I am glad my parents liked quality music for my taste to grow from.

Highlight of the radio show: Adley on the phone!