Monday, October 5, 2009


I do not watch television except for sporting events, well not intentional television that is. If there is a show I want to watch, I just watch it on hulu. Normal television is just not convenient anymore. In order to watch a television series at my house it requires: 1) Making time to watch the show 2) Making sure no one else needs the television 3) Combating the noise levels in the house. Watching shows on hulu allows for television watching to be enjoying instead of frustrating. The commercials are short, the quality is good, and (as long as the internet connection is smooth) the shows are available anytime after they air. All of the shows I watch are on hulu: Heroes, The Daily Show, Monk, Psych, House, Arrested Development etc. The only problem is that some cable stations (AMC, HBO, Showtime) are not online. I even enjoy a few web shows like DormLife or MayneStreet that only air online. Sooner or later television will be obsolete and web shows will be where it is.

P.S. Thank you Max for starting back your blog.

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