Saturday, October 10, 2009


It was another win for the juicers last night. A Fraud (#1: $33,000,000) jacked a 3 ball pitch to straight away center to tie the game and then big money Teixeira (#3: $20,625,000) finished it off. Can a small time team like the Twins (#1: $11,600,000) or the Royals (#1: $12,000,000) or the Rays (#1: $8,250,000) ever have a chance. Look at who is the playoffs; only the Rockies (#1: 16,600,000) and Twins are not big time spenders. Even when an "underdog" make it to the playoffs they have little to no chance to win the World Series. How can you compete with roiders and a billion plus dollar budget. The Royals have no hope, but I would love to see it once in my lifetime. I know ever fan says next year...I will not. Instead I will say, not the Yanks this year. Go Twins! Roll Rockies! Baseball is no longer America's pastime, it is America's embarrassment.

Note of importance: I do have utmost respect for Derek Jeter (#2: $21,000,000) and Mariano Rivera (#6: $15,000,000). They should opt out of their contracts and play for a respectable team next year. Maybe go to the Nationals (#1: $8,000,000) and give them a chance.

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Anonymous said...

drew, you are so wrong. viva la yankees!