Friday, October 16, 2009


Not Evil, Just Wrong

A new fascinating documentary about the wrongs of Al Gore and the Global Warming hysteria.

I want to scream!!!! There are so many things in this world that are messed up and wrong, but the hysteria behind Global Warming is not one of them. This new documentary is being shown at my college as a response to Al Gore's documentary and his actions to try and stop the environmental impact of humans. I agree that Al Gore is a politician and for whatever reason wants the publicity. Also, he may be too zealous in his attempts to make Climate Change a top priority. There are other problems in America and the world that are bigger problems: poverty, starving orphans, AIDS, rape, murder, drugs, etc. However, we must take our environmental responsibility seriously. As human beings we must treat the world given to us with respect and with conscious reflection. If we keep taking and taking, when WHEN will we take too much. When will Planet Earth snap like Ralphie on Scott Farkus. It might not be Climate Control that lashes out maybe it will be the dead oceans or infertile soil or acid rain. Maybe we will spend so much time fighting each other that nothing will be done to stop our greedy, polluting ways in time.

The title of this film seems to be appealing to intellectuals, but the trailer has things like crying babies, burning fields, and Al Gore with horns. That is to appeal to your intellectual side...right?