Saturday, October 3, 2009


Drew and Max Embracing

Amber is here and she will be guest blogging:

Hello, I first want to say what a privilege it is to be part of Drew's blog. I have recently been thinking about starting my own blog because of the hype Drew has been giving it. I think Drew was influenced to start his blog through his friend Max, who is an avid blogger. To me, Drew and Max have a different kind of friendship. Let me explain...Drew and Max were both in Williamsburg this past summer and every time they hung out, it was allllll day long- to the point I think it is too much. I have never been jealous of Drew hanging out with any girls but for some reason, I get extremely jealous when Drew hangs out with Max. It is probably unhealthy for the only person I am slightly afraid could replace me is a guy, but hey, it's reality.
Sorry Drew, I'm sure you did not intend for me to guest blog about your possible relationship with another man.

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false problem