Friday, October 9, 2009


It is my honor to enlighten my readers to a new, exciting entry into the blogging community. Jameson Bilsborrow and Benjamin Massam have decided to start a blog together. These two teammate of mine are highly opinionated and will showcase this in a argument/counterargument format. I look forward to the first entry in Bilz versus Ben.

Actually, I have some insider information on the topic and will formulate my own argument to post as soon as their blog is up and running (sometime in the next few days). Get ready for a coffee drinking, cake eating good time.

For now, I will defend the principle of blogging. I enjoy the nature of having my own blog for reflection and discussion. I want to encourage others to blog just as much as I hype my own blog. I want you to try your hand at it. Document your life and share it. Who knows, you could inspire someone, someday to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

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