Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Michelle Mack is a remarkable woman. Not so long ago, people believed that the brain was static and wired like a circuit board. That day is gone. A pre-birth stroke killed most of Michelle's left side of her brain. She is still able to live a full life and can even perform functions unique to peoples' left brain. Essentially, her right brain "rewired" itself in order to make up for important left brain functions. The most fascinating aspect of Michelle's story is that her loss and gain was not found until ten years ago when she was 27. Was it skeptics that kept her in the black or was it an unadulterated inability to diagnosis her uniqueness? Even without any knowledge, Michele and her parents knew something was wrong with other diagnoses. Michelle and her family in Falls Church, VA have been living life to the fullest knowing about their miracle. Now we can hopefully expand our faith to include this remarkable story.

This one I will call attention to the link (watch the video too): CNN Story

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