Monday, November 9, 2009


The immenseness of space blows my mind occasionally. Well mainly only when people mention it, the sun, the solar system, the Hubble telescope, space travel, or evolution (don't ask me). Just for some fun numbers on Wikipedia about the universe- it is 13.73 billion years old and 93 billion light years in diameter (observable universe that is). Try to wrap your brain around that. Another thing that gets me is the Voyager mission. We launched two space probes separately into space in 1977 hoping to get more information about the solar system and the planets within it. Today, in 2009, these two probes are just leaving the solar system and are estimated to only work for another 10 years (sunlight gets too weak to power their communication systems). They have another purpose though. Voyager 1 contains a record of "Earth images and sounds" to let any future humans or aliens know about our world in 1977. I hope the Voyager finders have a record player and enjoy Hotel California.

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