Saturday, January 23, 2010


I thought I would be able to hold off and write a blog about how the Tribe beat the ODU Monarchs. Unfortunately, no story exists. The William and Mary Tribe did not beat the ODU Monarchs. Instead we lost in upsetting fashion. The game was a heated battle between the inside minded blue team versus the sharp shotting white team. This battle was won around the hoop not on the perimeter. With 7.0 seconds remaining we ran a play to tie the game with a desperation three point shot. The shot looked good, but slipped out as the crowd moaned in disappointment. Oh well, next time Tribe.

My hope is that the students here at William and Mary do not look at this as a complete failure. There were 7,000+ people supporting the teams in Kaplan Arena. The fans did a great job of keeping the team in the game and it even felt like we were carrying the team over the last few minutes. Please keep coming to the games and cheering your team on. I have never enjoyed a Tribe home game more. With the whole campus' support we will definitely perform better. Also, I special congratulations to my man Hess for actually bring the ball to the hoop. Do it more and do it stronger. Go BlockHess Nasty!

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