Wednesday, March 3, 2010


In a way I am going to miss living in my current house next year. My life will be simplified, but at what cost. My friends will probably be scattered throughout the country and I will have to find new people to have intellectual discussions with. Okay, maybe not always intellectual. Where will I find the folks in this world who will listen to my rambling and then actually respond to it? I won't get harassed when I cook bacon or even when I open the mail. I look forward to living in peace and cleanliness. Those reasons will outweigh my need for companionship. Right? Or will I be on the phone with my old running buddies just to remember the old times? I try not to dwell in the past or bother people that have more important thing to do than talk with a babbling fool. Next year will be exciting for many a reasons. Leaving this house with the bond I have to it and its inhabitants is not one of those reasons. It has been nice 304.

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Patterson Wilhelm said...


You can always call me Drew. Just think of me when you are watching America's Funniest Home Videos

<3 ya